Loaded Candles

Often times, when your situation needs the good old “one-two punch,” using a loaded candle in your working is a good way to go. These custom created candles are created with the ingredients you need to be successful in your endeavor. The herbs, oils, and charms will work in harmony to bring about your desired results. Simply tell us what your situation is and what kind of outcome you are looking for, and we’ll pour one out just for you.

To use your candle to it’s highest potential, you should write out a petition paper and burn the candle over this. ***Always burn your candles responsibly! Never let a candle burn unattended***

Alternatively, you can leave the candle workings up to me. You will receive a candle report including pictures of the before and after of your candle and a written statement on how it has burned. Sometimes these things have a mind of their own. An interpretation of the final product will be provided.